Monday, July 13, 2009

Flagler Day Trip

Nancy, Chili, and I took a day trip to Flagler Beach. At first, we couldn't find a place to park. In Cocoa Beach, there's a public parking place behind Ron Jon's that has RV spots. That spot cost $10 for the day. Not to bad. But at Flagler, there are "No Truck or RV Parking" signs everywhere. We went to Beverly Beach Camptown to ask if there was any parking, and for $3 an hour we cold park there. With that price, we get:
  1. Full electrical hook up
  2. Water hook up
  3. Sewer hook up
Full shoreline, and especially the sewer dump, make it worthwhile.

Compared to Cocoa Beach, it's a real deal. The price of Cocoa Beach has to include the toll fees, which make it more pricy than the $16.50 we paid at Beverly Beach.

This was Chili's turn for a beach trip. The salt water seems to help with Chili's allergies and itching. Abby and Ginny love the beach, but Chili is a pool dog. She'll jump and play in the pool all day if you let her, but the beach is just a wee bit ruff for her. That, and she doesn't seem to like the taste of sea water.

We were parked right up to the beach.

Nancy made a dinner of Chicken and Dumplings, and 1/2 inch diagonal cut green beans (my favorite kind!):

We waited for the Shuttle to blast off, but it was cancelled. No biggie at all. We had an excellent time.

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