Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We've been enjoying the Parakeet on short week end day trips to Sea World, Cocoa Beach, and Lakeland. As RV folks already know and we're learning, its great to come out of a theme park or off the beach all sweaty and nasty and have instant access to cold drinks from the fridge, a sofa and a shower with a change of clothes as well as a clean private bathroom! Outside shower is handy too for hosing off young grandchildren who eat their entire birthday cakes in one sitting using face and hands.

Since we're planning a long trek to Pennsylvania soon, we took her (Parakeet) in for service about a week or so ago. Because of the service schedules and Danny's work hours and the distances between service place, work, home and storage facility, we got lazy and the Parakeet was parked in the drive for four days in one week. A neighbor who didn't reveal himself or herself to me complained to another neighbor on several city boards and threatened to call code enforcement if he didn't tell me to remove the offensive Winnebago from my property. The neighbor spoke to me politely and I promised to adhere to city code rules of one day per week. Never mind that other neighbors park boats in front of their houses all the time and one woman has a commercial trailer for transporting her plants for sale at the local farmers market every week end which she leaves overnight on the street. I don't care about that. I do care that Darth Neighbor picked on me and my cute Winnebago.

I am also discovering how expensive it is to repair and service Winnebagos as opposed to cars. Camping World was really nice but the truck/RV place was kinda weird and the people who worked there wern't fun to deal with. Overcharged us for something we never even got and were snippy about it too. They did relent the next day after Danny spoke to somebody else at the same place and at least gave us a fifty dollar credit on future service. Yes, RV ownership is a learning experience.

TTFN. I'll try to post more often.

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