Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Ballad Of The Millennium Parakeet

The Ballad of The Millennium Parakeet

By Nancy Deutsch

Just cruising down the highway

at a speed of fifty-five

might be, we're going nowhere fast

I'll know when we arrive.

Riding in a Winnebago

breezes blowin' through my hair

ditching the well traveled roads

for others just as fair.

Bumping down a backwoods lane

doesn't matter where it leads

for its not the destination

but the journey that one needs.

Could be with age I've lost my cool

just ask me if I care!

We've got a bathroom on this rig

and automated stair.

It came with propane cooktop

a sofabed, TV

a microwave and freezer

a generator, and CB.

Now we're hauling through a city

singing oldies with the Stones

our gypsy wishes have come true

the world is ours to roam.

Oh, once I drove a Porsche

and hauled kiddies in a van

now I ride in Winnebago

driven by my lover man.

Cruising down the roadway

through the mountains, by the sea

while some might choose an airplane

for us, there's nothing like RV!


Hope you like this boys and girls. Laugh out loud.

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