Thursday, April 9, 2009

First day

The Parakeet has landed. We spent all day Wednesday picking her up, getting tag and title, being given an operational tour by the mechanic, driving around, shopping for necessities and accessories, etc. We ate lunch at our table and like Goldilocks tried out all the beds to determine the most comfortable. Danny took a long shower to see if he would run out of hot water (he didn't) and I drove her slowly around the neighborhood to get the feel of something bigger than a small stick shift Volvo. We gave the dogs a ride. Abby adjusted immediately, Ginny after five minutes, Chili not at all. When we returned to the house, Chili vaulted over the banquette seat and flew through the open door like a flying squirrel straight out at least six feet into the air, fell to the pavement, rolled over, went on, like she meant to...friggin' Australian Cattle Dogs are a breed apart all right.

Danny wanted to go to the beach but I reminded him it is Easter week end. Roads in and out of town may be crazy. So, he wants to camp out in front of the house prior to leaving on a trip next weekend which is probably a good idea. Sort of a 'newbee' dry run. Hey, the neighbors probably already think we're crazy already anyway. So, bring on the s'mores.