Monday, April 13, 2009

A few more pictures from our learning session on RV operation. In the first, the technician had just demonstrated how to convert our dining table and booth seats into a third, single bed. Cute isn't it? Reminds me of a Heidi bed somehow. Dunno why. In the second picture, Danny was learning how the built in generator works. The third picture shows Danny enjoying his first RV lunch.

Danny told of our first week end adventures very well. We're still learning the ropes and stocking the Parakeet with everything we think we'll need for our first actual road trips and sleepovers. He neglected to mention though, that I bought pretty much every interesting thing that Camping World in Kissimmee had to offer. I really did. Then I hit WallMart, KMart, IKea, Sams Club and Lowes! $$$ I have to get some extra pairs of shorts and jeans to keep on board but aside from that and food, I think we are ready to roll.

Unfortunately, Chili thought she could fly out of the door and hurt her paws. Also unfortunately, I did not notice this until she had re-entered the RV and managed to get bloody prints all over the sofa/bed and passenger cab seat. I am having trouble removing the blood. I used a stain remover recommended for RVs and boats but it doesn't work very well. I also learned not to keep the spill proof water bowl available while driving since Chili drank all the water and had to pee before we were really ready to stop.

I am getting up the skinny ladder to the overhead bed pretty well and love to lie up there with the skylight open and read and check my email on the iPhone. The memory foam mattress pad really rocks. Sooo comfy. Also here's a tip: even though the bed is a double bunk, a standard single bed comforter is the perfect size to fit across it without a long drop over the sides.

My daughter (Laura) suggested buying a small crockpot and keeping it on board for meals. Great idea, thought I. Back to WallMart. I found a great crockpot cookbook for RVs and can't wait to try it out. It looks like our first long road trip may be to Atlanta on the week end of May 11 to celebrate Danny's grandmother's 90th birthday.

We couldn't bear to take the Parakeet to her storage berth last night as planned so she's still in the driveway. Have to keep her there now until Wednesday as we have Monday and Tuesday night mtgs. after work. Oh well, too bad. More time for me to play. Can't wait to actually travel. This is so much fun so far.


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