Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Furnace Vibration, and other Frustrations

As Nancy said, we learned Chili won't be able to travel with us. Unless we were travelling specifically for Dog Agility trials, she'd be impossible to travel with. We also discovered the overhead bunk is suitable for one person, so we'll be sleeping on the pull out sofa bed.

During the night, it got a bit chilly, so I turned on the furnace. After convincing Nancy we wouldn't die from carbon monoxide, I turned it on. It worked fine for a minute or so, then rattled something fierce. After several cycles of that, I'd had enough, and turned it back off.

In a Winnebago View 23H model, the furnace is under the rear dinette seat. After pulling the dinette seat out, the inner vent off, and the outer vent cover, I turned the furnace on and watched. I quickly discovered the cage surrounding the furnace blower had someone been bent up just enough to contact the metal of the outer door frame (in the future, I'll take pictures of stuff like this). I bent it back into place with my hand, and tried it again. No noise. Screwed everything else back on, tried again. No noise. Fixed, as far as I can tell.

I also did my first sewer dump. No tragic event like in the movie, "RV". I practice dumping both tanks, even though the black-water tank was barely 1/5 full. The grey tank was full, though. In the future, I'll probably dump the grey water tank 5 times for every one time I need to dump the black. It was easy, an not messy at all. 

We're looking forward to our first real overnight, probably at the beach or Lakeland.

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