Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some more photos of us enjoying the Parakeet

Here's some photos of me and Abby and Ginny on board the Parakeet.

We can't bear to take her to the storage facility, so she's still parked in the driveway. Today, we had horrible stormy weather...tornadoes nearby but but not near us in orange County. Just heavy rains. After the worst of the storms had passed I went out to the RV and climbed into my overhead bunk and read a book for forty minutes listening to the sound of dripping rain on the roof. I could easily have napped after that for the rest of the afternoon, but I had errands to do, so I didn't. But, I feel like the Parakeet is my secret fort...like when I was a kid significantly back in the last century!

Poor Danny is still sick after nearly two weeks and can't really enjoy her. I hope he's better soon. He is on the minus scale as regards energy.


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