Monday, April 13, 2009

Trails and Tripulations

Yes, I meant 'trails'. Hopefully happy trails. The Parakeet had it's first test run over the last few days. We've learned a few things:
  1. Make sure items in overhead bins are secure. They become projectiles if not. Especially the hard plastic ones.
  2. If you hear more than one car horn honking nearby, pull over and do a check, just in case. Our TV antenna was still up.
  3. Make sure bathroom door is secure when underway.
  4. Chili's paws WILL find the 'window down' button for the passenger side window. As far as I can tell, there's no Window lock. If Chili's up front, keep hand near Window control.
Those are just a few lessons learned, so far. I've yet to do a sewer dump, so I'll probably have a few lessons from that.

The Millennium Parakeet (2006 Winnebago View) is AWESOME! It drives like a large SUV, accelerates about as fast, and has no trouble reaching and maintaining speed limits. A primary concern I had was hot water. I wanted to be sure it was hot enough, and lasted long enough. Wednesday night, I took a shower in it. I went through my normal shower routine I do at home, to compare. The water was more than hot enough. When I was done, the hot water was still going. I let it continue till I finally decided there were no issues of hot water amount, and turn the shower off after 20 minutes. 

The coach batteries last a long time. I thought I might need to upgrade to the 6 volt Deep Cycle golf cart batteries, but it's not really necessary at this point. The charge on the batteries never went down even 10%. 

The freezer and refrigerator chill down very quickly.

I still had flu this weekend, but played with our new toy as much as possible. When I got too tired, I crawled up in the bed and napped a bit. I can't wait till I feel better.

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